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On Eternity and the After-Life

Here’s something I think is worth considering, because I at times have difficulty wrapping my brain around eternity. That is: you don’t have do believe in cartoon heaven to believe in life after the flesh. It depends on what one means by eternity. Maybe eternity isn’t endless time and space, but rather what encompasses time and space. Another way is to say that it is a space without time (different from space-time). If there is any truth to this, then every living thing is eternal because for all eternity you exist right here and right now. Through God, I believe that my consciousness extends, to varying degrees, beyond my physical experience and beyond space-time, and that this extent will be fully realised as I pass from physical existence.

Future Economics

I think the population at large will one day have to come to grips with the idea that money isn’t the best motivation to do good work.
The economic model of the past few centuries (or even millennium) isn’t a sustainable one. Economic growth depends on ever-increasing consumption and ever-rising prices.

This can’t go on interminably.

Eventually, everybody is going to realise that the complex functions and formulae that determine the value of currency, once rooted in the supply and demand of food, is now trending more and more towards the arbitrary whims of financial bodies like the Federal Reserve. As manufacturing and now service industries become increasingly automated, economies will have to recess and deflate (or possibly collapse), or to be optimistic, gradually evolve into ones in which people work for the love of accomplishing non-monetary-related goals.

What kinds of jobs will be available in 100 years when manufacturing, service, education, transportation, medicine, etc… are all largely automated? What place does money have in a society where population out paces job availability by 100 (or more) to 1?

Brief words on depression

Depression touches everyone at some point. With myself, it is either a major life change, frustrated goals, having so many responsibilities that I can’t keep up, or even just bills that have just gotten out of control.

It’s all-right to be sad, you *need* to feel sad when a major catastrophe happens. It’s often a problem that the sad person feels guilty because they think they shouldn’t waste time being sad when there are children or other life responsibilities involved, but that’s just the opposite. You have to outwardly grieve to get through the change. The new situation has to have a chance to become the new normal. I think the best thing is to not tell someone about all the good things he/she has goin – say “you damn-well ought to feel sad because this sucks.” When I had my worst turn many years ago, I was rescued by music. I met a really great guitar teacher at just the right moment who taught me the blues – the real, old, acoustic finger-style blues from the Mississippi delta that’s hard to find recordings of. Blues music was great because you’re encouraged to explore pain on a visceral level – even literally applauded for how rotten you feel. I just started playing pubs and coffee houses and shouting (musically) at complete strangers. I took my pain and re-organised it into what I wanted it to be; learnt to laugh at my own misfortune and pain because it was mine and I could do with it what I willed.

If you know someone who suffers from depression caused by a situation or event, help the person acknowledge everything he or she is feeling, claim every pain as one’s property in some way, then maybe the person can feel he/she has some power over it.