Can’t Find Our Way Home

Your country of origin is an illusion created by imaginary lines drawn on a picture that inaccurately represents the geography of the area you inhabit on a minuscule ball of rock, liquid, and gas flying through space. The lines may have been drawn out of necessity for the purpose of coexisting alongside those with whom we have disagreements, but are still inarguably imaginary. Even with bodies of water that make a natural separation of regions, we decide at what point within that water one territory ends and another begins. There is a cold fact that people who argue about borders and citizenship either ignore or are ignorant of. That is, you do not live anywhere close to the spot where you were born.
The solar system travels around the galactic centre at a speed of 72,000 km/hour. With every passing birthday, you are an additional 630,720,000 km from the place you were born, yet in the entire existence of homo-sapiens, we haven’t even made a single revolution around our galaxy. If you’re a human talking about other humans, there is no ‘They’, there is only ‘We.’ If ‘We’ define home as the place where we were born, then none of us were born where we are, and no-one will ever return home.